1. What is Activity Feed?

  2. Ans. Activity feed which is the first tab in our app. Here you can find the activities/events happening or going to happen in you city. You can see all the activities/ events which is near to you and also you can filter activities/ events based on dates, cost, distance etc. You may also search for any particular activity and particular venue for the activities. You can also book tickets for any events/ activities using our platform. In our website, you will find few activities in our Home page and for seeing all the activities just click on See all.

  3. What is Book Now button on every host's page?

  4. Ans. Book now button displays all activities of that specific host and provides an option to book tickets. The same activities are displayed on Activity Feed.

  5. Can the tickets be cancelled?

  6. Ans: Once you book any ticket for any event/ activity then that ticket cannot be cancelled.

  7. What is Choice of Happiness?

  8. Ans: Choice of Happiness is the second tab in app and you will find the same in Home page of our Website. In Choice of Happiness, we have categorized all the hosts based on the mood of the user by linking the same with the USP of the Host. So now don't just visit the random places but pick the places based on your Mood. It is further divided into 2 parts which is All Time and Today.

  9. What is All Time In Choice of Happiness?

  10. Ans: In All Time we have categorised all the Hosts based on their Fixed/ Permanent USP, For example Based on the Ambience, Menu, Facilities, Timings, Type of Establishment etc. Choices are like- Rooftop, Wine House, Bar Exchange etc.

  11. What is Today in Choice of Happiness?

  12. Ans: In this tab, you'll find the list of activities/event happening on the same day. On clicking any activity/event, you'll find list of host conducting mentioned activity/event.
    Say- On selecting Ladies Night from Today tab, you'll find list of host having Ladies Night on that day. Similarly, everyday Today would keep changing depending on the events/activities of that specific day.

  13. What is Schedule in Host Details Page?

  14. Ans: Schedule displays weekly information of host like Event for the day, Happy Hours Timings, Music and Charges for Stag/Couple/Ladies.

  15. If I book any tickets, How will I get my ticket?

  16. Ans: You can find your tickets in My Bookings/ My Transaction in Hamburger sign in the App and Profile button in the website. Additionally, you will receive an SMS and Mail in your registered mobile number and email.

  17. What is the meaning of Different Categories in Choice of Happiness like Beer garden?

  18. Ans: While most of the categories are very much clear by its name only, like Sheesha Bar which means outlet serving alcohol and hookah (Sheesha). To provide more clarity, we've briefed about few categories below:

  1. Hotel- Bar/Lounge: Outlet consisting of bar attached to any Hotel.
  2. Beer Garden: Any Outlet serving Draught Beer.
  3. Café Bar: Outlet serving alcohol with an option of Breakfast/Quick Bites along with varieties of Tea and Coffee.
  4. Premium Dining/Lounge: Outlet serving alcohol situated in 4/5 Star property.
  5. Bachelor Bar: Bars with mostly stag visitors.
  6. Ultra-Rich Club: Dedicated Dance Clubs situated in 4/5 Star property.
  7. Games Bar: Outlet serving alcohol and having facility of indoor/outdoor games.
  8. Dining Bar: Dine focused outlets serving alcohol.
  9. Buffet Bar: Outlets serving Lunch and Dinner buffets throughout the week.
  10. Ultra-Rich Bar: Designated bars situated in 4/5 Star property.
  11. Wine House: Outlets having varieties of Wine or serving only wine.
  12. Happening Bar/Pub: Outlets serving alcohol with crowded atmosphere, popularly good Music/DJ with NO dedicated dance floor.
  13. Casual Bar: Cool Hangout Bars where user can go and enjoy their drinks specially with their Friends.